Online and In-Person Private Violin & Viola Lessons for Children and Adults

Learn the violin or viola from home with affordable video chat group violin classes, and online private violin lessons. Attend an in-person group violin class held in Windham, Maine ME.

New and Returning Students

New and returning students: your first lesson is free, be in touch and give it a try today!

Individual Focus

Private lessons are a great way to work through your music and technique as each lesson is focused on you. If you would like to play a solo or other work in recital, these lessons will help prepare you. If you are a group student and have missed class, a private lesson can keep you up to date. Also, if our group class schedule is impossible for you to attend, private lessons can keep you on track with your studies until the next session begins (usually a lesson weekly or every other week will keep you moving forward so you may re-enter class at the next level.)

Need an Instrument?

Instruments may be found online, and at local dealers, please see the link below for more info.

MORE: Advice on renting or purchasing a violin.

How to Schedule a Lesson

To schedule a lesson, please see the calendar below, on it you'll find times marked "Open Lesson", these times are available for private lessons. Once you've found a time that you would like to have a lesson, please email to schedule the lesson—you'll receive a confirmation in a day or two. If none of the calendar times work for you, please write and let me know what's good for you and I can see if it works in my schedule as well. Please swipe up or down to move the calendar forward or backward in time, also, it is not possible to alter the calendar, you must email to request the lesson time.

All times listed below are Eastern Time (USA.)
Video chat lessons will be held using chat software.

Make the Most of Your Lesson

Beginner group students who are not yet reading out of a book may prepare what we have been playing in class. Older, more experienced students may wish to prepare any questions you may have, and identify places in your music that need help. Students are encouraged to take notes, either directly to the music at hand, or in a separate booklet, or in the case of young children, it is best to have a parent or guardian observe and take notes during the lesson. Some parents of very young children may also wish to have a violin and learn along with the child. Older children who may be more self sufficient and experienced may attend without a parent if so wished.

The various lengths of lesson are dependent on the experience and age of the student. Here are some recommendations as to selecting a lesson length:

     20 Minute Lesson: for young children who are just starting out (4-5 years old.)
     30 Minute Lesson: for a young child with a greater attention span, who has some experience, perhaps a little older child (6-7 years of age.) Also for adults wishing to have a brush up, or a quick lesson along specific topics.
     40 Minute Lesson: for adults making up a missed group class, and for older children (8-13 years old.)
     50 Minute Lesson and Longer: for experienced, advanced students, enough time to have guidance with scales, etudes, and works.

Online Meeting Room

Please download and install software on the computer or tablet that you plan to use for lessons. You will only need the free version to check into lessons. Once you have followed the link to Zoom, if you are planning to have your lessons on a laptop or desktop, you will need "Zoom Client for Meetings" listed at the top of the page. Or if you plan to use a tablet or phone, lower on the page are links to the apps for mobile devices.

You may test your setup, camera and microphone, by configuring the preferences within the program, which Zoom will prompt you to do the first time you use it. To familiarize yourself with the software, has many brief training videos.

When you click on the Zoom link prior to a lesson, it will automatically place you in a "Waiting Room." You may, if you wish, click on the link at any time to see how this works. When it is time for your lesson, you will be admitted from the Waiting Room into the chat room, so feel free to connect any time prior to your lesson time, and wait to be admitted at your lesson time. Please note that our start time may vary by up to 5 minutes, if we begin a little late, the session will be extended.

MORE: Tips on making the most of our video chat lessons.

In-Person Lessons

If you are in the Windham, or Portland, Maine area, please be in touch to schedule an in-person lesson. It is absolutely required that everyone attending the lesson be fully vaccinated, and masking may be required depending on the current state of Covid, and your, and my personal preference. Many styles of playing are available to learn, classical, jazz, folk, and if you wish, approaches to improvisation, how to support and harmonize with a band or vocalists, etc. It would be my pleasure to make you a customized program for your development.

Included Lessons

The "Included" 30-40 minute private lesson that is bundled with your group class must be used before the last class of the session. Scheduling early on is recommended as lesson times do fill, especially near the end of each session and recital dates.


Please make tuition by Zelle ( Venmo (stringschool). You may also remit tuition via PayPal ( If using a credit card via PayPal, please add 4% of the amount as PayPal does require a fee.

If you wish to have a semi-private lesson with another student, please add $20.

Students must be enrolled and attending a class at the time of the lesson to qualify for the "Currently Enrolled Group Student" rate.

Attend 3 or more lessons in a single calendar month and take $5 off each lesson!

Regular Rate

20 Minute Lesson, $40
30 Minute Lesson, $50
40 Minute Lesson, $60
50 Minute Lesson, $70
60 Minute Lesson, $80

Currently Enrolled Group Student

20 Minuet Lesson $30
30 Minute Lesson, $40
40 Minute Lesson, $50
50 Minute Lesson, $60
60 Minute Lesson, $70